Cost Denture Implants

What Does It Cost?

We know that the cost of denture implants varies dramatically based on exactly what is required.  You would need to meet with the Dentist in person so that we could advise on the best treatment for you.

You should expect:

  • Free 1st meeting
  • Pre-Treatment meeting
  • Receive Treatment
  • After-Care
  • Follow-Up Appointment

Most Dental Practices say they are experts in XY,Z but we recommend that you go onto their social media accounts and see how they respond to patient posts.  Look at the tone of message and look at the actual real life people before and after images.  What you are looking for is an ease of communication and their values.

When you meet a Dentist ask if there is finance options for a treatment plan, so can you pay the treatment in installments so that its taken via direct debit every month.  This way you are showing that you are making a committment but also that you are serious about the cost of denture implants.

Find out if the Dental Practice offers emergency appointments, so go and see them and watch how they interact with patients.  It is important you feel at ease when in your dentist practice.  Ask about repairs and out of hours appointments.

There are many dentists in each Town / City, you literally could walk around many and ask them questions, but the deciding factor should be about the quality of service and product you are going to receive.

TIP: Be realisitic when speaking to the Dentist, they cannot give you a straight forward cost of denture implants.  Every person is unique, their mouth is different, their bone and nerves are unique, so the Dentist needs to assess the treatment plan needed and then quote.  If you opt for the cheapest it could be the worst decision you have ever made.  You need to keep this in mind and make the right decision for your health and wellbeing.