Full Denture Implants

Surgical Full Denture Implants

This is a very delicate time consuming procedure, you are basically taking out all the teeth and replacing with full denture implants.  The process can take several months as you need to give the jaw and face time to heal to see how it all settles (after treatment).  When researching we saw it could be up to £9k for the upper OR lower jaw alone.  That is a lot of money!

The procedure is carried out in various stages, below is a rough guide of what to expect;

  1. Consultation and X-Rays to assess the jaw bone etc
  2. Implants which have a screw like resemblence are placed into your jaw
  3. Over 2 – 6 months, the implants and the bone are settling into each other, forming a base for the artificial teeth.
  4. Temporary teeth can be an option during this time, but it can feel very restrictive
  5. After the first surgery X-Rays are taken and then if all is going well, they will plan to do the second surgery.  This means you will need to take time off work to make appointments.  So, you see, its not a quick turnaround.
  6. Healing caps will be placed on each implant, then a few weeks later the surgery can take place.  After the surgery x-rays will be regularly taken and the oral surgeon will ensure everything is healing well.

Full Denture Implants

To eat and drink will be a nightmare afterwards, you will need to be very careful and a lot of people can only eat baby food or liquids.  You just need to give your body time to recover.   What we have found from talking to people is the need to be realistic about what you will look like visually and how you will feel thoughout this journey.  It is hard, at times you will feel like giving up, but its a major surgical procedure so you need to finish it once you have started.

To have the perfect smile will give you a confidence boost that you won’t have had before.  You will be wanting everyone to comment on your beautiful smile.